Nasty, Brutish & Short: a Puppet Cabaret #Chicago

Curated by puppet artists Julia Miller and Jessica Simon, Nasty Brutish & Short invites performers to create new work and risk sharing it with an audience for the first time. Puppet artists across all puppet forms present new shorts three times a year at Links Hall. All ticket sales are split among the performers.

Nasty, Brutish & Short: a Puppet Cabaret #Chicago - VonOrthal Puppets, 2011, photo: Joe Riina-Ferrie

STATUS: Active, 3 Slams per Year, Since March 2011

CURATOR: Jessica Simon

PERFORMERS: Emmy Bean, Jason Adams, Jessica Simon, Manual Cinema, Meredith Miller, Noah Ginex, The Royal We, VonOrthal Puppets

DETAILS: After each cabaret, we want to make sure there is a reception of some kind (sometimes potluck, sometimes leftover goodies from our big fundraiser) so we can continue to build a strong community.  We also divide the box office equally among the acts at each cabaret so everyone walks away with some dollars.

VENUE: Links Hall  (75 Seats)
3435 N Sheffield Ave #207, Chicago, IL 60657

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